A Devastating Phone Call


The story begins in a boxing club.. The phone rings “ring ring”. . Big brother Cristian answers “Hello there”. The sweat started running down nØllans 4head, just like s4s did in the finals of the international three vs navi. . - Do I really need to go to Pensionersförskolaspubrunda today as well?. - Yes. - Absolutely, I said.. Unfortunately i had no idea what to do.. So I did nothing.. But then I actually did something. . I jumped out the window.. And flew to Neverland. . They arrived in Amsterdam where they smoked pot all night long. No, wait that’s the Netherlands…. Here the only imaginable drug is mushrooms. Therefore, we took our belongings and went to the steppes behind the mountains of Amsterdam.

There, we lost our minds by the drug of the streets, and never saw the light of day again.