Courtroom Love


A blind date is the start of something big.. Something big and horrible. . Out of the cave, a nØllan stepped out and shouted: . Please let me back in to the cave, the sun is burning my eyes.. Shrieked nØllan in fear when Big Brother Cristian jumped in. Thankfully the diaper held.. I looked into the glasseyes of Cristian. I was paralyzed, stunned by his empty gaze.. - nØllan this is not acceptable at all! Whilst saying, Cristian slowly walked toward me.. I faced my fears, stood up and met his gaze as I swept the sweat away from my face.. I closed my eyes and uttered the following words:. I want to fika with you.. What’s your Steam ID?. Lussekatt1337420xXxDragOnSlaYerXx he replied. He fled the court room, and the police could never find him.. However, that doesn’t matter. Because he never existed. Only in her mind his whispers echoed throughout the evening.

And then she realized that she will never experience love again.