Return of d bugg - The sequel

So, I went dumpster diving at CERN

Che Fred

Hi guys,

I have a small problem. Let me tell you how it started…

A hot July day in Saint Genis-Pouilly, southern France, I crossed the border to Switzerland. I was with my boyfriend as he did an internship at CERN. I requested and got access to the industrial looking complex of concrete buildings. As I took a walk with him, I saw some dark green containers filled with computer screens, keyboards and hard drives, among other things. I love free stuff! I quickly grabbed one of the hard drives and put it into my tote bag. Now it’s in Sweden and I have no clue what, if anything, is on it. How do I check if it has high security stuff or information about the Da Vinci ([davinki]?) code?

Help plz.

a black hard drive with cute coquette aesthetic